Reporting Cycle for the Universal Periodic Review

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The UPR is a peer review conducted every four years before the Human Rights Council. Rather than a review by independent experts, UPR requires the UK government to account for its performance on the full range of human rights issues before other UN Member States, who can give recommendations. 

The NI Executive and NICS Departments must participate in this process, so that matters relating to Northern Ireland can be responded to appropriately.

The process can be broken down into 6 steps

  • UK prepares its State report and submitting it to the UN Human Rights Council 

  • Review takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, at the UN Palais des Nations. Reviews are conducted by the UPR Working Group (47 members of the UN Human Rights Council).

  • After the review, the troika and reporting state, with UN OHCHR assistance, produce an ‘Outcome Report’.

  • No sooner than 48 hours after the Interactive dialogue there is a 30-minute discussion on the adoption of the Outcome Report.

  • The UN Human Rights Council Plenary Session is where the UK’s UPR Outcome Document is considered and adopted during a 1-hour Human Rights Council Plenary Debate.

  • The principal objective of the process is for States to implement the UPR recommendations and their voluntary pledges before the next review.