Follow up

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  • Example: 2008
  • Family and marriage child

    A recommendation from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child regarding the education of children in places of detention

  • Dept Discussions

    This required discussions between the three ministers of former DOJ, former DEL and former DENI

  • Un human rights system special rapporteur

    A working group was established containing officials from all three departments

  • Decision making appeals and redress search

    They prepared an options paper for the Ministers regarding the implementation of this human rights recommendation

  • Example: 2013
  • Business trade and investment female sign

    The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women included in its Concluding Observations to the UK a recommendation regarding changes to the criminal law on abortion

  • National human rights law X

    This issue had been addressed on previous occasions with no action taken

  • Business trade and investment arrow circle

    The Committee then requested that the UK government provide written information on the steps undertaken to implement this recommendation within 1 year

  • Cultural diversity assembly

    In their lobbying activities

  • Un human rights system states recommendations

    To raise the public awareness of the follow-up measures that should be taken by departments to comply with human rights standards

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