Criminal Justice

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    Depriving someone of liberty through arrest and detention must be done in a lawful way that is compatible with human rights law and their treatment once detained must also respect their dignity

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    Legal aid provision is an important part of providing equal access to justice so any changes to legal aid would engage human rights

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    If someone has been a victim of any human rights abuse they have a right to a remedy that must be provided

Freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • HRA / ECHR, Art3
  • ICCPR, Art 7
  • UNCAT, Art 3

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Right to life
  • HRA / ECHR, Art 2
  • ICCPR, Art 6

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Right to liberty and security
  • HRA / ECHR, Art 5
  • ICCPR, Art 9
Right to a fair trial
  • HRA / ECHR, Art 6
  • ICCPR, Art 14

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No punishment without law
  • HRA / ECHR, Art 7
  • ICCPR, Art 15
Right to an effective remedy
  • ECHR, Art 13
  • ICCPR, Art 2
  • ICERD, Art 6

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Right to be treated fairly and without discrimination
  • HRA / ECHR, Art 14
  • ICCPR, Art 26
  • ICERD, Art 5(a)
  • UNCRPD, Art 12

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